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Management Team

   Gideon Tadmor- Avner Oil CEO, Delek Drilling Chairman 


With nearly two decades of extensive experience initiating and managing exploration and production projects worldwide.


Mr. Tadmor is one of the founders and managers of the "Yam Tethys Project" - the first significant gas discovery offshore Israel – and, until mid-2008, the sole provider of natural gas to the Israeli market.

In addition to his position at the partnerships, Gideon is active in international real estate development projects, and has served for the last 20 years as a director in various real estate and advanced financial product companies.
Gideon, is a member of the Israel Bar Association and holds both an LLB and the rank of Major (Reserves) in the Israel
Defense Forces.

  Yossi Abu- CEO of Delek Drilling

Prior to joining Delek Energy, Mr. Abu served as a senior consultant for Israel’s Minister of Finance, active in the development and reform of social economic budgetary policies.


Mr. Abu coordinated activities between the Finance Ministry and other government offices and the private sector on a wide variety of commercial and domestic issues, including infrastructure, energy, industry, education, transportation, housing, tourism, agriculture, and more.


Mr. Abu had previously consulted on policy (and its implementation) at the Ministry of the Interior, involved in local governments, construction, and the census. Since joining Delek Drilling and Avner Oil as Regulation Manager, he has, inter alia, managed the company’s interface with government bodies and its LNG arm.


Mr. Abu holds an LLB in Law from the Hebrew University, and an Executive LLM from the University’s joint program with Georgetown University.


He interned at the prestigious Yigal Arnon and co. law firm, and later on moved to the Y. Bar Hillel law firm in the field of Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Corporate Reorganization, prior to joining the partnerships.

    Yossi Gvura- Deputy CEO - Delek Drilling & Avner Oil 

A certified CPA, Mr. Gvura has vast experience in financial management and capital market activity with the largest Israeli financial players and corporations. After a period as audit manager in one of Israel's top five accounting firms, Mr. Gvura was appointed comptroller at Poalim Capital Markets, the investment division of Bank Hapoalim – Israel's largest bank.


Since joining Delek Energy as CFO, Mr. Gvura has been focusing on the strategic management of Delek Energy's financial activity, emphasizing the systematic control of its subsidiaries and joint ventures. In addition, he has focused on the design of Delek Energy's corporate and tax structures.


He holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics, and an LLM in law.

  Dr. Yaacov Gilboa Chief Geologist


Dr. Gilboa earned his Phd in Geology and Hydro-Geology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As a Hydro-Geologist, Dr. Gilboa acted as team leader for Tahal Engineering on numerous projects, mostly in South America. Dr. Gilboa also managed the Columbian Aquapozos Water Drilling Company.

Dr. Gilboa has more than 35 years of experience in the oil industry, during which he served in key positions with Netivei Neft, Israel’s Oil Exploration Corporation, and as Chief Geologist for the Israeli National Oil Company, doing work in the Sinai Peninsula and the Gulf of Suez. Later, as chief geologist and exploration manager for Nafta (Israel Petroleum Corp)

Dr. Gilboa managed many projects in Israel and on many locations abroad, including Siberia, Kazakhstan, and the USA.
Prior to joining Delek Energy, Dr. Gilboa served as the chief Geologist for Delek Energy's subsidiary partnership, Avner.

  Yaniv Friedman - Vice President Strategy, Avner Oil

Mr. Friedman is responsible for strategic planning and development for Avner Oil. Prior to joining Avner, Mr. Friedman worked for international companies in the energy sector.


Mr. Friedman has vast international experience in business development and M&A and was involved in multiple projects in the energy sectors.


He holds a law degree from Tel Aviv University  

   Irit Shadar Tobias General Counsel & Company Secretary



Ms. Shadar Tobias until recently served as Legal Counsel to Delek Group and many of its subsidiaries (1999 - 2011). Delek Group is one of the largest public companies in Israel and the major shareholder in Delek Energy. Prior to joining Delek Group, Ms. Shadar Tobias served as a lawyer at Haim Tzadok & Co. Law Firm (1996 - 1999) one of Israel's most prestigious firms specializing in public companies, Securities law, Commercial law and antitrust.

Ms. Shadar Tobias has over 15 years of legal experience in publicly traded entities, in particular in the energy field. Ms. Shadar Tobias holds an LLB in Law from the Hebrew University, aLLM from Bar Ilan University and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1997.


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